Benefits of Doing Business with a Florida Custom Home Builder

There are many ways to build a more energy-efficient home in PA. Home builders from some companies have the experience and equipment to design and build certified ENERGY STAR® homes that meet the strict standards set by the EPA and the United States Department of Energy. รับสร้างบ้าน

With a total of 2,511 qualified homes built in Pennsylvania in 2010 alone, which have saved energy equal to 7,442,604 pounds of coal, energy-efficient homes are truly a step forward in the “greener” direction. There are currently 172 ENERGY STAR real estate developers in the state, all of which are capable of providing the following energy-efficient features in your new home:

Effective Insulation. Properly installed insulation is one of the most important features of an energy-efficient and comfortable home. Without it, your family can experience excessive heat during summer or extremely cold temperatures during winter. Effective insulation means having a system that completely blankets the home, including its exterior walls, ceiling, and floors. In ENERGY STAR homes in PA, home builders make sure that there are no gaps, voids, or compressions in the insulation and that continuous sealing is observed to protect the home against moisture damage and condensation.

High Performance Windows. For your energy-efficient home in the Keystone State, home builders can install high performance windows and skylights that allow your family to enjoy the warmth and views, while saving on lighting and energy costs. Also, ENERGY STAR qualified window treatments can effectively protect your home’s interior and prevent furniture, flooring, and photographs from discoloring after prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Close-fitting Duct Systems. Improved comfort, lower energy and equipment costs, and improved indoor air quality are just some of the benefits of efficient duct systems that ENERGY STAR-qualified PA home builders can provide. They have your ducts third-party tested and verified for tightness and proper insulation to ensure that leaks, cracks, and holes in the system are prevented or fixed before they cause a big problem.

Efficient Heating and Cooling Equipment. Aside from requiring less energy to do its job, green heating and cooling systems are also quieter and more effective in increasing the overall comfort in your home.

For your energy-efficient house in PA, home builders can design and build elements and features that are surprisingly affordable, and effectively increase the comfort and livability of your family’s personal space. Make sure to enlist the services of company that is trusted and recognized in the industry; they are more experienced and better equipped to choose and install the right energy-saving features for your home.


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