Rainbow Trout Bait Fishing Tips

When it comes to fishing for rainbow trout, the type of bait that you choose to use is of the utmost importance and in this article I will outline some bait fishing tips to keep in mind when it comes to fishing for these beautiful fish. Now the term “bait” can mean many different things to different people. For example to a fly fisherman the term “bait” means some manifestation of artificial fly, whereas to spin fishermen the term “bait” can mean a myriad of things from live bait to extruded dough bait as well as many spinners,spoons, soft plastics, and even small lures.

Seeing as how I am a spin fisherman who has been fishing for rainbow trout for more than two decades, all of the bait fishing tips being outlined herein relate to the style of fishing where my experience lies, spin fishing or more specifically ultralight spin fishing. In other words, if you are a fly fisherman this article and these tips are not for you. However if you like to fish for rainbow trout while using traditional spin fishing gear, these tips will be exactly what you are looking for. Fishing lures


  1. Try To Keep You Hook Camouflaged – Rainbows have very keen eyesight and are almost always found in cold clear water, which means that they can easily detect anything that is out of the ordinary when it comes to the object that they are thinking about eating, which is why keeping your fishing hook (or hooks) as camouflaged as possible is of the utmost importance. The easiest way to accomplish this task is to utilize fishing hooks that are as small as possible no matter what manifestation of rainbow trout bait that you choose to use.
  2. Present Live Bait As Naturally As Possible – Some popular live baits that are effective for rainbows would include; live fishing worms, minnows, insects, and even small frogs. No matter what type of live creature that you choose to use as rainbow trout bait a major key to success when using said bait is to present that bait in the most natural way possible. In other words, you want the creature that you are using as bait to look as much like it does in nature as is possible.
  3. Keep The Portions Small – Contrary to popular belief you do not have to use large chucks of bait to catch large fish, and nowhere is this more true that fishing for rainbow trout. In my experience very small minnows (or very small spinners and/or minnow plugs) or night crawlers that are pinched in half will out fish large minnows or whole night crawlers in almost all cases. As a matter of fact the last trophy sized rainbow that I caught was while using a night crawler which I had pinched in half as bait.


The bottom line is that if you want to experience more success the next time that you are fishing for rainbow trout keep these simple bait fishing tips in mind. If you do you will begin to experience more success almost immediately

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